Vacheron Constantin Replica

Vacheron Constantin Replica watches is a highly recognized watch maker in the world. The Vacheron Constantin Replica watches pocket view Ref. 57260 (1929), that was possessed by King Fouad I of Eygpt, ranks as one of the most expensive watches ever sold in auction, reaching a last price of 2.77 million US dollars (3,306,250 CHF) in Geneva on April 3, 2005. In 2015, Vacheron Constantain introduced a brand new Reference 57260, which currently holds the name of the very complicated mechanical watch/pocket watch ever made in the world, together with 57 complications.

François Constantin traveled around the world and promoted watches. The main market was North America. In 1833, Vacheron and Constantin hired Georges-Auguste Leschot, whose job was to oversee the production operations. Specifically, Leschot was an inventor and his creations turned out to be successful for the company. His creations had significant impact on the watchmaking industry generally, and he had been the first individual to standardize watch moves into Calibers. In 1844, Georges-Auguste Leschot was awarded using a gold trophy from the Arts Society of Geneva, who highly appreciated Leschot's pantographic device - a device that was able to automatically engrave small watch components and dials.

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