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Perrelet Replica Watch

From the Perrelet Replica Watch 1770s onwards, Abraham-Louis Perrelet applies himself to perfecting a system which, from one single initial impulse, would continue to function indefinitely. It was in 1777 that he develops his completely revolutionary invention - the self-winding or automatic movement of the Perrelet watch. To this very day nobody has managed to improve on this to give life to mechanical calibers and his invention continues to make its mark on watchmaking history.

Since 1995, the House of Perrelet Replica Watches Review develops, perfects and produces the first so-called "double rotor" caliber: a system unique in its kind, which connects the winding weight of the automatic system to a rotor on the dial side. The Perrelet Dipteros watch thus heralds an important phase for the future of the brand, and paves the way for future new and exclusive developments.

In 2009,Perrelet presents the emblematic Turbine watch. Inspired by the so-called "double rotor" movement, the oscillating weight on the dial side is transformed into a propeller which makes a striking Perrelet Replica Watches for sale impression with its extreme rotating speed. The Turbine thus opens the door to artistic and horological creations that are both unique and authentic.

Perrelet presents the Turbine Chrono watch in 2013, thereby demonstrating its creative ability to combine the Turbine effect with a watchmaking complication. That same year, Perrelet also launches his Turbillon model, a clever combination of the Turbine with a Tourbillon caliber, manufactured in its own workshops. Through its two great innovations, Perrelet Replica Watch Prices provides irrefutable proof of its watchmaking expertise and its ability to constantly reinvent its "Turbine" concept.

Finally, in 2015, Perrelet celebrates the 20th anniversary of its iconic Double Rotor concept. With the First Class Double Rotor Skeleton watch collection, equipped with a Manufacture movement, Perrelet Replica Watch Quality combines the horological tradition of its innovative Double Rotor with its expertise in the domain of skeleton-working.